William Littlejohn Award


RSA William Littlejohn Award


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QC4A7451 - Copy 2015

RSA Open Exhibition   |   Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
Winter Exhibition | Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.


RSA Annual Exhibition: following RSA William Littlejohn Award 2015 Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.  

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RSA William Littlejohn Award for Excellence in Waterbased Media



RSA Annual Exhibition







I am about to re-visit the place of my birth, Yellowknife, Canada.

I have always, perhaps instinctively, felt the need to go back there.  It is as if ‘Yellowknife’, the place, has left its imprint upon me.

Within my new work I hope to explore and communicate ideas to do with having a strong bond with a place, and also feelings of ‘existence’ within wilderness in an intimate and more intense way. I will continue to make work in an attempt to somehow encounter, or recover my experiences of northern wilderness.

Royal Scottish Academy William Littlejohn Award 2015: www.a-n.co.uk/news